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A free Canva Pro account, monthly success kits, weekly online meetings, training, mentoring, content repository at your fingertips, a  roadmap, software included.
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Build a profitable modern business, from the ground up or scale an existing one with the help of another female entrepreneur guiding and mentoring you along the way.
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Strategy Sessions

You don’t always need lengthy one-to-one business coaching programs. Spend a few hours working through your current business and come away with a clear actionable plan.
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Done-For-You Coaching

By-pass time and effort. Fast-track your growth and profits We’ll do the work to quickly transform you into a profitable state without the overwhelm, or months of studying and DIY’ng.
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We strive to inspire more women entrepreneurs to support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals because women who measure their success based on their ability to positively impact the world actually make a difference … learn more about the UN SDG

Our Involvement with the UN

Our Impact Promise

We’ve empowered 5,000 women and when we reach 10,000 & they each empower 100 women, then collectively we will have helped 1,000,000 women worldwide live a better life.

Start by joining as a free member and get involved from there. Email us for more details  [email protected] about the initiatives.

How Can You Join The Movement?

Who We Help

Our mission is to develop female entrepreneurs to grow the business of their dreams, have fun doing it, while changing this planet for the good. We do this through education, training, coaching, and mentoring. The Boss Ladies Network is a world-wide online platform dedicated to inspiring and empowering women across the globe.

The world is not on equal footing when it comes to women’s equality and women’s rights. Equality means full-on respect for the different roles we all play in sustaining this world. Unfortunately, money is often the largest voice and women’s voices are often dulled because they don’t carry the monetary weight. Money is not the bad guy, the people who do bad things with money are. So please … make millions … build an empire … and then go and do good things with it, like making a difference and creating an impact.  A small impact, made by thousands of women, can create major change. One seed grows a tree, a few more can grow a forest, and community over competition can create an ecosystem of change.

Why We Help

Our Credo

To empower you to have enough abundance to make an impact in this world and have fun while doing it.

We Get You

When it comes to your ambition, some most people just don’t get you.

That’s because you’re hard-wired with that ambition and a dream, and many people around you don’t think the same way.

We help you turn that ambition and those dreams into a profitable lifestyle business.

In the process, we make sure you find a holistic approach to your entrepreneurial journey and equip you not only for success but also for a happier life.

What’s the point of making a million dollars if you end up stressed and unhappy?

Entrepreneurship can feel isolating for any person… But for female entrepreneurs it can be crippling.

Many business women go it alone without the full support they need. They can often short change themselves, limiting their potential though limiting beliefs. Add a few drops of doubt, and some criticism from their circle of influence, and things can start to go south pretty quickly.

Then there’s all this technology to deal with, social platforms to consider, web sites to build, marketing campaigns to map-out, it’s overwhelming.

Ever feel like you’re on a roller coaster ride with your business? One day everything is full of promise and amazing opportunity abounds, and the next day someone says the ‘one thing’ that triggers your fears and you begin to recoil feeling like you’re in way-over-your-head.

Do you have a ton of exciting ideas but you don’t know where to start? or which one is really going to be viable? …

How do you begin to make sense of it all?

Your original freedom metric doesn’t look like your reality anymore because you began to feel overwhelmed?

Too many tools, social platforms, not enough time? Pressure from all angles between life, family, and expectations can begin to wear you down.

Women are unapologetically running with the term  “BOSS” …from Bossladies …to Boss Babe, …to girlboss …and everything in between …we’re taking ownership and making a mark …we get you.

Who We Are

Hey Boss Ladies, I’m Margie founder of the Boss Ladies Network Women’s Organization. I could tell you that I’m an award winning design director, marketing strategist, business coach, computer systems engineer, owned 6 and 7 figure businesses over my career, worked with Fortune 500 brands and advertising agencies in New York, Los Angeles, and Toronto, have extensive experience spanning over two decades across many verticals from distribution, retail, IT Consulting in B2B, and direct to consumer product. Yeah, that’s a lot but it’s not the human me. That’s just a resume.

I want you to get to know the me that cares about you!

I care about helping women elevate themselves to their fullest potential because my experience of suppression taught me one thing, we must create our own path in this world but we need mentors and guides along the way otherwise we will not truly find that path. Why empower women? When women have equal opportunity to develop as entrepreneurs, they create influence which can then be applied to create impact for good. And by being exposed to organizations like Boss Ladies Network and United Nation’s UN Women, they can see the need for change. By having the power to create change, they can ultimately activate the humanitarian in them and become that change. We’ve empowered 5,000 women and when we reach 10,000 & they each empower 100 women, than collectively we will have helped 1,000,000 women worldwide live a better life.

United Nation’s Sustainable Development Global Goals

Spread the word about the UN Global Goals.
Goal #5 is close to our heart, which one is close to yours? That’s the one you should start with.

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